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Illés Hajnalka

Illés Hajnalka



Name: Illés (maiden name Szabó) Hajnalka
Place and date of birth : Subotica, 5th of February 1973
Family status: Divorced + 1 son

Formal education: College for teachers education, Subotica, 1997,  VI. degree
Svetozar Marković High School, 1994, Subotica, / pedagogy assistant
"25th of  May" Primary School, Subotica, 1988

Non formal education:   Professional exam for state employees
Financial review and management
- basic training
Institute of Theology-Catechesis

Professional experience:

1994 - 1997 St. Sava Primary School - Subotica, class teacher

1994 - 1998 Széchenyi István Primary School - Subotica, music education    teacher -

1998 Municipality of Subotica – Mayor's Office

1998-2002 Member of the Executive Committee of the Subotica’s municipality Mayor Office (Education, Culture;)

2002 - 2008 Team member of the Subotica’s municipality Mayor’s office

2008 - 2010  Team member of the Subotica’s municipality Register

2010 - 2014 Municipality of Subotica - member of the City Council

The Road to Knowledge Foundation - member of the Board of Directors

Member of the Committee for Drugs Prevention

Member of the Road Safety Committee

Member of the Subotica Sculpture Committee;

2014 - September 2016 Subotica’s  Municipality Administrative Office - Local Tax committee - Tax Inspector

2016 - January 2019 Municipality of Subotica - Supervision and Control Committee –       

Statistical administrator

January 20th , 2019- current Subotica’s  Synagogue Foundation - coordinator

Other activities

1992 - 1999 The Blessed Virgin, Mary, Mother of the Church, catechists in     the parish


1995 - 1997  Christian children's travel companion newspaper - Bible column

1998 - 1999  “7 nap””, Hungarian weekly newspaper published in The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina “One minute of wisdom” - religious column - weekly reflections

2011 - 2016 “Life of faith” Catholic Journal column blog- Compass section     and publication of personal confessions

2012 Articles published in the “New Man” catholic weekly newspaper and on the website

From 2015  “Magyar Szó”, Daily newspaper - Publication of personal                  confessions in the “Glass Ball”, column blog, confessions / short       story volume, “Agapé” publisher

2015 “Confessions” – novels, “Agapé” publisher

December 2019 First year – editor of a yearbook of the Subotica’s Synagogue Foundation

December 2020  Second year – editor of a yearbook of the Subotica’s Synagogue Foundation

Political views, activities

Member of the Hungarian Association of Vojvodina

Member of the council of the Sándor Local Community

Religious views

Roman Catholic


The Blessed Virgin, Mary, Mother of the Church (Subotica) reader and member of the choir

Language skills

Hungarian - mother tongue

Serbian - advanced level

Croatian - advanced level

Computer skills

MS Office - advanced level


A passionate lover of literature and poetry, an enthusiastic photographer, cooking and baking fan, a fugitive to creative creation, a lover of  gardening and cycling, a demanding film lover, a tireless organizer of friendships and family gatherings